Public Relations

public relations

We excel in crafting compelling narratives and building strong relationships that elevate your brand. Our expert team strategically manages your reputation, engages your audience, and amplifies your message to ensure your business stands out in a crowded marketplace. Trust us to tell your story and drive your success.

Aardvark Communications specializes in Public Relations

Everyone loves a good story. At Aardvark Communications, we’re excellent storytellers. And we know how to get the message out so it’s timely, credible and memorable. 

 With more than 30 years of experience working with a wide range of clients in diverse industries, Aardvark Communications has built a reputation for being professional and reliable with local, regional and national media.

It’s not a matter of if something can go wrong… it’s when. And the most important question is: How are you going to respond?

Aardvark Communications has successfully helped many clients navigate volatile situations. It is imperative to be timely, transparent and truthful. 

Having a great relationship with the media goes a long way in establishing trust and credibility. But when you have a crisis or situation, there are times where we must quickly establish trust and respect with reporters who may not be familiar with us or our client. Aardvark has a great track record of establishing trust under pressure.

Aardvark Communications has decades of experience dealing with the media. And we’ve helped many clients become more comfortable and competent when dealing with the public spotlight.

Whether you’re facing a press conference with a room full of cameras or simply responding to an interview request, it is imperative that the company spokesperson be confident and relaxed. Aardvark Communications’ team members often act as spokespersons for our clients. But we can also train your key people to respond in a professional manner.

Aardvark Communications specializes in developing public relations and marketing programs that are as unique as our clients. We approach each plan as a new challenge. Big or small, we can help bring your vision to life.

Aardvark Communications knows how to get our clients the most bang for their buck. We work with a client’s internal staff and appropriate external partners to develop a comprehensive plan that works with any and all internal/external messaging.

Target audience, market share, budget, current events and marketplace dynamics are just a few of the factors we consider when creating a strategic plan for a client. What’s your goal?

Any media campaign needs to align with your local market and with how your business runs, or it will not succeed. At Aardvark Communications, we carefully craft every campaign to work best for your organization and its needs.

We will perform a thorough analysis of your local market, including a healthy look at local media and your competition. And at the same time, we will optimize your internal operations to ensure success in your market.

Every business can benefit from taking a closer look at the day-to-day processes your team performs that impact your customers (either negatively or positively).

To help, we look at how your team is handling sales conversations, so we can identify any inefficiencies, add clarity to complicated topics, and offer scripts or support pieces to help navigate those critically important conversations. Let’s make sure everything your team members say and do is building trust and inspiring confidence in your brand.

Just as important as prioritizing your individual customer is focusing on the importance of B2B program development. Let us help you set up and manage valuable referral relationships with businesses in your area.

A great customer experience starts with creating the most welcoming culture possible. Nurture it, and you will grow a base of loyal ambassadors to promote your business.

Our customized, hands-on training shows you how to create and nurture the best possible culture, customer experience and five-star customer service.

Aardvark Communications during Grand Opening at Park Place Acura
Aardvark Communications, U&I interview with Hugh
Aardvark Communications and Hawaiian Falls
Aardvark Communications specializes in Public Relations
Hawaiian Falls Ice Dump by Aardvark Communications
Aardvark Communications and City of Ennis for Bluebonnet Festival