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Aardvark Communications seeks out the best people in the industry to help our clients achieve their goals. Whether it’s our dedicated staff, or extending our reach to bring in specialists to work on a specific project or provide their particular experience, we’ll assemble the best team to get the job done. On time. On budget. And exceeding our client’s expectations. Because if you don’t look good – we don’t look good. 

David Alvey Aardvark Communications CEO and Founder

david alvey

founder & ceo

David’s love of writing began more than four decades ago as a U.S. Navy Journalist serving on an aircraft carrier. He has won numerous awards as an advertising copywriter, broadcast producer and creative director before founding Aardvark Communications in 1992.

“I’m proud of the relationships we’ve built with our clients, team members and peers. We set out to build a business on creativity and integrity. We’ve built some solid brands and amazing friendships along the way.”

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From an early age, Carolyn knew she was born for a life in public relations, even before she understood what it was! Today, she is one of the most sought out experts in her industry. Carolyn’s knowledge of crisis communications and strategic planning, coupled with her creativity and ability to work effortlessly with the media, have been integral in her successful career.

“Building long-term partnerships with our clients and sustaining meaningful relationships with the media have been the cornerstone of our business. As we have expanded our capabilities, we have the ability to offer our clients a full array of services with an outstanding team with decades of experience.”

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Carolyn Alvey Aardvark Communications President

carolyn alvey


Rob Sumner Aardvark Communications Vice President

rob sumner

vice president & director of client services

Rob’s family tree has its roots on Madison Avenue as his parents were both Mad Men-era ad execs. He’s kept the family tradition alive working in top agencies in NY, LA, Portland and Dallas. He’s even done some time on the client side to round out his marketing resume. Forging productive client relationships is what Rob does best and it’s the super power he brings to the Aardvark team.

“Rolling up my sleeves and helping my clients find creative ways to solve their business problems is such joyful work. Building relationships based on transparency and trust allows us to do the very best work for our clients.”

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As the Director of Digital & Media, he brings 20+ years of expertise in developing and executing innovative digital strategies that deliver measurable results. He holds an MBA in Strategic Management and numerous awards as a producer and content creator. In his role at Aardvark Communications, Geoff oversees all aspects of digital and media strategy, including but not limited to social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, display advertising, content marketing, and influencer partnerships.
“Digital media isn’t the future; it’s the present. As effective marketers, we must embrace its power to engage, influence, and convert audiences in transformative ways.”

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Geoff Hays Aardvark Communications Director of Digital and Media

geoff hays

director of digital & media

Kylie Lupher Aardvark Communications Creative Director

kylie lupher

creative director

Kylie’s creative journey spans over a decade as an art and creative director, now shining at Aardvark Communications. Kylie’s passion for branding, typography, and photography forms the foundation of her innovative approach to creative direction. Her keen eye and natural curiosity make her an introspective observer, adept at storytelling and design that transforms brands and captivates audiences.

“Graphic and visual design are more crucial than ever in today’s advertising arena, shaping how brands communicate and connect with their audiences. I’m thrilled to work alongside a dynamic team, bringing creativity and vision to life every day.”

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