Ice, Ice Baby

ice, ice baby!

Hawaiian Falls Waterparks in Mansfield, Roanoke and Waco, Texas hosted their Annual Ice Dumps for pure fun! This event was created by Aardvark Communications more than a dozen years ago. People loved it, so naturally, it became a tradition! The objective was to create an inexpensive event that positioned Hawaiian Falls as a refreshing option for guests to cool off in the heat of summer. But it needed a hook, so we proposed dumping a TON (2,000 pounds) of ice into the wavepool. During the event, Hawaiian Falls team members engage guests from the stage above the wavepool, where they slide the ice into the water from wheelbarrows. In between ice dumps, the kids squeal, “ICE, ICE, ICE!” It is a memorable experience for everyone who attends.

The three events this summer attracted interest from newspapers, TV and radio stations. In addition, we had two helicopters at the Roanoke waterpark capturing the event this summer. The Hawaiian Falls Ice Dump is a tradition we are confident will live on for years to come.