The Winners of D CEO’s Nonprofit and Corporate Citizenship Awards 2019

Headington Companies’ Michael Tregoning spearheads a partnership with the Aging Mind Foundation, founded by Laree Hulshoff.

This excerpt was originally featured in D Magazine’s The Winners of D CEO’s Nonprofit and Corporate Citizenship Awards 2019 Article

Headington Companies

Corporate Partner of the Year

Corporate Citizenship Award

For the past five years, Headington Companies has partnered with Aging Mind Foundation to raise money for scientific research, specifically for Alzheimer’s Disease and other dementias. Spearheaded by Headington President Michael Tregoning, the support has allowed the organization to fund more than $2.1 million in medical research projects at UT Southwestern, Baylor, and Center for Vital Longevity. The group has kept its fundraising costs below 20 percent, the gold standard in charity fundraising, ensuring that the majority of donations go straight to the cause. The partnership has also helped the group spread awareness about Alzheimer’s and other dementias and compel other North Texans to get involved with their mission. “To put it simply, Aging Mind Foundation would not exist without the Headington Companies partnership,” says Laree Hulshoff, the organization’s founder. “They are an incredible partner and give generously not only with their in-kind support, but also in ideas, attendance, and time.”

Finalists: Accenture, The Beck Group, Capital One, McKesson Corp.